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Project Description
A concise language for generating plots from a ROOT file.

This is an attempt to write a DSL that makes generating plots from a ROOT file easy and iterative. This is very early days for the project.

Initial Goals:
  • Edit a source file and each time it is saved, automatically run it. done
  • Generate plots and write them to a png, have them in a window so saving file updates the window done
  • Make plots with legends and colors in an easy to use way. attempted
  • Make it trivial to cut/paste the plots into copy buffer.
  • Automatically suppress stats box in a user-extensible way. done
  • Distribute via one-click. done And now undone... we need to think up a new ROOT distribution method.

Some longer term goals:
  • Figure out how to save the plot's history with the plot. This is for data preservation - so you can see exactly how the plot was made.

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